Tropadelic (44cl)


Berliner Weisse made with Mango, Guava and Passionfruit!

Tropadelic is a fresh, fruity and deliciously tropical Berliner Weisse made with Mango, Guava & Passionfruit.

We’re always working to push the boundaries of what we’re brewing at Bad Seed Brewing, and this beer is no exception.

Last time we brewed a Berliner Weisse - Crimson Dawn - we used 450 kgs of fruits. With Tropadelic we’re using 650 kgs of fruit - so a good deal more than previously.

The result is a very fruit forward Berliner Weisse with heaps of tropical - or, if you will - Tropadelic - aromas and flavors. Imagine a Solero ice-lolly combined with a refreshing and tart Berliner Weisse. It’s pretty delicious.

44,00 kr.
2-5 hverdage
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