Bad Seed X Thy Whisky Single Estate Vintage Ale 2023 (33 cl)


Vintage Ale, aged for 9 months in Bourbon and Sherry barrels!

Single Estate Vintage Ale is a collab between Bad Seed Brewing and Thy Whisky. Our goal is to express flavors that you know from Thy Whisky’s amazing whiskys, however in the shape of a beer.

Our first Vintage Ale is rooted in Thy Whisky’s “Bøg” and “Spelt-Rye”, using beechwood smoked malt as well as spelt and rye malt - and also utilizing the same barrels that Thy Whisky ages their whiskies in.

This special Vintage Ale has a complex aroma of toffee, dark fruits, smoke & vanilla.

Malts: Heritage Barley Malt (Langelandsbyg), Spelt, Rye, Beechwood-smoked, Cara Rug, Cara Mørk

Hops: Magnum

Yeast: American Ale

Barrel aging: 9 months

42% Heaven Hill Bourbon first-fill

29% Oloroso second-fill

29% PX second-fill

60,00 kr.
2-5 hverdage
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