Altbier (44 cl)


Düsseldorf-style Altbier!

Altbier is our first attempt at the style.

It is a not-so-common style of German Ale, which is almost exclusively brewed in the city of Düsseldorf. In terms of appearance, the Altbiers of Düsseldorf range in color from amber to chestnut. However, the aroma and taste profile differs from brewery to brewery - some are malt-centric, biscuity and sweet, where others are more dry, hop-forward and bitter.

For our Altbier, we took inspiration in the more hop-centric, bitter and dry versions. Our version is brewed using Caramünich malt and Carafa Special 2, and the base malt is a crackery and bready Munich malt. Then hopped to a fairly high 40 IBU’s, and hopped with Perle & Saphir hops, giving off both a bit of peppery spiciness, and some distinct floral notes.

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2-5 hverdage
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