Kope-niu (33 cl)


Imperial Stout with Coffee & Coconut!

Kope-niu is our collab with Y Not Brewing. One of Y Not Brewing’s specialties is huge Imperial Stouts, which he often treats with adjuncts like coffee, vanilla, coconut or cacao beans.

We combined our forces to make a big, silky stout with Coffee and Coconut. We created a grist focusing on building a rounded, smooth and powerful base with fairly low bitterness.

We then conditioned the beer on large amounts of coconut cream and freshly roasted coffee - the coconut provides a silky, sweet & tropical coconut aroma and taste, and the medium roasted coffee brings balance with amazing fresh roasted, bitter coffee notes. Each adjuncts pulling in their own directions, where one does not overpower the other, meeting in a great balance of flavors.

48,00 kr.
2-5 hverdage
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