Mutiny - Key Keg 10 L

8.0% alc. vol.

Our new Double IPA - Mutiny.
It is hopped with Simcoe, Vic Secret and Citra and fermented with a newly released English yeast strain from Lallemand and Verdant Brewing Co.

This expressive yeast has helped bring out delicious juicy flavors from the hops, and has given a body and mouthfeel that is super smooth, chewy and just what you want from a modern New England DIPA.
I personally think this is my best DIPA this far, so don't miss out on this one!

Tappet d. 8/10-2020

10 L Key Keg

Coupler: Key Keg coupler

Disposal: Plastic

420,00 kr.
2-5 hverdage
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